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We take our roles here very seriously…and bringing you the best local ales and the finest good quality wines are our mission….hic!……we do hope you won’t be disappointed with our selection!

Stancil Brewery are the suppliers of our draught lager..brewed in Sheffield using British malt..the lager is quad filtered for strength, character & purity. Other local suppliers featured on our menu include Bradfield Brewery and Pure North Cider…we’ve supped the lot…they’re reet good!

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Drinks Menu

Red Wine

Monte Haro Tempranillo Rioja, Spain 13.5%

An outstanding red from this classic region

175ml Glass £5.30
250ml Glass £7.40
Bottle £19.95

Vellas Antica Merlot, Chile 13.5%

Ripe, jammy, light oaked Merlot with a hint of spice on the finish

175ml Glass £4.95
250ml Glass £7.00
Bottle £18.95

Eagles Cliffe Pinotage, South Africa 13%

A rich, fruity wine with a velvet finish

175ml Glass £5.70
250ml Glass £8.00
Bottle £21.95

Beefsteak Malbec, Argentina 12.5%

Packed with fruit on the nose, smoothness on the palate and a lasting finish

175ml Glass £5.40
250ml Glass £7.80
Bottle £20.95

White Wine

Botter Pinot Grigio, Italy 12%

Careful selection of grapes produces this lovely, soft full flavoured wine

175ml Glass £5.20
250ml Glass £7.00
Bottle £19.95

Aloe Tree Chenin Blanc, South Africa 13.5%

A zesty white wine with ripe tropical fruit

175ml Glass £5.30
250ml Glass £7.40
Bottle £19.95

Mayfly Sauvignon Blanc, New Zealand 13%

This delicious Sauvignon Blanc is tangy, refreshing & wonderfully crisp

175ml Glass £5.90
250ml Glass £8.40
Bottle £22.95

The Googly Chardonnay, Australia 13.5%

A great wine showing why he Chardonnay grape is a classic

175ml Glass £5.30
250ml Glass £7.40
Bottle £19.95


Botter Pinot Grigio Rose, Italy 12%

A delicate scent of acacia flowers..the palate is dry, soft and nicely balanced

175ml Glass £4.95
250ml Glass £7.00
Bottle £18.95


Di Maria, Italy 11%

Delicately fruity, slightly aromatic bouquet..well balanced and light body

Glass £4.95
Bottle £24.95

Beers & Cider

Stancil Brewery Draught Lager, Sheffield 4%

Brewed in Sheffield using British malt….quad filtered for strength, character & purity

Half £1.80
Pint £3.50

Farmers Blonde, Bradfield 4%

Very pale with citrus and summer fruit aromas

Bottle £3.50

Pure North Cider, Holmfirth 6%

Medium dry lightly sparkling. A classic clean tasting cider made with bitter sweet cider apples

Bottle £3.50

For guest beers, see our specials board

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