OPEN: 9am-6pm Mon - Sun

TELEPHONE: 01226 762 551


Our chefs are beavering away in the kitchen using great local produce including Cannon Hall Farm pork sausages….our rostis are homemade…by ‘eck they’re good!!

Our Breakfast menu is available:

Monday to Sunday
9am until 11.30am

Our Brunch & Butties are available:

Monday to Sunday
9am until 5.30pm

H&H Pancakes

Breakfast, Brunch & Butties

H&H Full £8.95

Dry cured bacon, Cannon Hall Farm pork sausage, hash brown, mushrooms, tomato, eggs, toast & beans

Add Black Pudding £1.00

H&H Mini £5.95

A half portion of the above for the smaller appetite

Add Black Pudding £1.00

Veggie Breakfast £8.95

Veggie sausage, mushroom, tomato, hash brown, eggs, toast & beans

Veggie Mini £5.95

A half portion of the above for the smaller appetite

Black Pudding Hash £7.95

Black pudding, baby roasted potatoes, spinach, cherry tomato, poached egg

Eggs £5.25/£7.25

Scrambled, poached or fried on toast or English muffin with or without smoked salmon

Oats £4.00

Raw milk porridge, Yorkshire honey, dried fruit & nuts

Toast & Butter £1.50

Toasted Dale Bakery bloomer, local butter

Teacake, English muffin £2.50

Toasted currant teacake or English muffin with local butter


Benedict £7.45

Dry cured bacon, eggs on an English muffin, hollandaise

Bacon, Egg, Tomato & Avocado (BETA) £7.45

Dry cured bacon, poached egg, tomato and smashed avocado on toasted sourdough

Savoury American Pancakes £6.75

Three American pancakes, bacon, maple syrup

Sweet American Pancakes £6.75

Three American pancakes, seasonal fresh fruit, coulis

French Toast with Henderson’s Yorkshire Relish £6.75

Eggy bloomer bread, Gouda cheese, wilted spinach, soft poached egg, cherry vine tomatoes

‘Arnold Bennet’ Omelette £8.50

The classic three egg omelette, creamed smoked haddock with or without cheese


Dry Cured Back Bacon £4.95

Cannon Hall Farm Pork Sausage Coil £4.95

Free Range Fried Eggs £4.00

Dry Cured Back Bacon & Yorkshire Sausage Coil £5.95

Yummy Yorkshire
Delph House Farm, High Flatts,
Denby Dale, Huddersfield, HD8 8XY
Tel: 01226 762 551

Yummy Yorkshire Ice Cream & ‘Hide & Hoof’ Restaurant is clearly signposted on the main road.

We are NOT located on a private single track drive

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